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Menard Tires

Hi, I've got four 15" Menards I bought off somebody last year. Unfortunately, there's no way I can fit them under my car and I'd really love to get them out of my living room.

3 are pretty good (I paid $20 each) and one is alright missing some shoulder studs. I'd be happy to get $60 (what I paid for them), but I'd be even happier if someone could just make use of them I'd be even happier emoticon

I'm in Binghamton which may be inconvenient for many, but I can bring them to a race this season if that's better.

I'll post some pics later.

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Re: Menard Tires

Hi Evan,
I'll take them!

My spare Menard is pretty worn and could use an upgrade.

Bring them to a race and we'll make the exchange.

The Pirelli WR5 tires would probably fit under the Miata.

-Michael Waterhouse
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