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Tire options for "race stud" classes for 2018 season

The tire rules for 2018 have changed for the "race stud" classes to allow for several pre-studded tires so people don't have to build tires or find old Menards. The updated rule book should be posted sometime during the week of October 16.

Menard tires are still allowed, so are home-built tires and so are any tires used in the 2017 season. The information below is for the pre-studded tire options that were added to the rules.

Here is the tire information that is applicable to SMO, SMC, MM, SS and SLM:
All tires that were allowed in the 2017 ice race season are legal along with the tires listed below. The tires below are to be used “as is” and sold by the manufacturer.

Michelin Tires with max stud size of "Swedish" style
     Michelin NA00
     Michelin GE00
Black Rocket with max stud length 20mm
Pirelli with max stud length 7mm
     Sottozero Ice
     WX 2

If the tire you want to use is not specifically listed in the rules you must contact club officials for approval before racing with the tires.

If the tires listed above lose a stud(s) while racing it is acceptable to replace the missing stud(s) with a #10 AMA Kold Kutter screw or #12 Canadian Kold Kutter screw, inserted from the outside with nut on the inside.

It is also allowable to build your own screw tire using any tire carcass with up to 40 #12 Canadian Kold Kutter ice race screws per foot of linear tread inserted from the outside with nuts on the inside. You can also use up to 60 of the #10 AMA Kold Kutter screws per linear foot inserted from the outside of the tire with nuts on the inside.


In my opinion the easiest tires to get and at a good price are by Black Rocket from ]Rocky Mountain Autosport

The Black Rocket tires are remoulded tires like Menards but use rally tire carcasses. I have heard that other clubs have used these tires with good success however nobody in AMEC has used them so you may be the first.

The second best option for tires may be the Pirelli pre-studded WRC tires. The new rules allow you to use several Pirelli rally tires with the Pirelli "Sottozero ICE WRC spec" tires and "WR5" tires being available from a distributor in Canada near Quebec. The stud count per foot on both tires is the same at about 60/foot and we expect both tires to have similar traction.

The info below shows the inventory of tires at the supplier in Canada near Quebec. The distributor's name is "Stox Distribution". The contact is Miguel Belanger who can be reached by email at mbelanger@[sign in to see URL]

205/65R15 (SKU 1861500) old stock, Model Sottozero ICE WRC spec, Left side, Price=269CAD, local stock=16

205/65R15 (SKU 1861400) old stock, Model Sottozero ICE WRC spec, Right side, Price=269CAD, local stock=16

205/65R15 (SKU 2646600) Model Sottozero ICE WRC spec, Left side, Price=310CAD, local stock=12, 19 more available with 90-day shipping period

205/65R15 (SKU 2646700) Model Sottozero ICE WRC spec, Right side, Price=310CAD, stock=12, 19 more are available with 90-day shipping period

135/85R15 (SKU 2462900) Model WR5 (this was the tire we allowed in 2017), tires are not side-specific but are directional, price=310CAD, stock is 36+ with 3-day shipping to CAD distributor

135/85R15 (SKU 2031010) Model SA-1, Price 229CAD, local stock=6

You are on your own to ship and pay for the tires this year as I will not be coordinating payment or shipping. The supplier in Canada doesn't coordinate shipping to the US so you need to do that. Purolator is the name of the shipping company in Canada best suited to make the shipment. FYI, the shipping and importing process is very challenging to navigate and somewhat expensive. It may actually be easier for you to go to Canada and pick them up yourself. Please let me know if you plan to buy tires so I have an idea how many will be left in stock.

A third option for tires is from Michelin from the Swedish company that studs them for Michelin. Here is the information I got last year from the supplier who is the only supplier in the world for these tires.

From: Thomas Carlsson <thomas@[sign in to see URL]>
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 5:48 AM
To: 'Michael Waterhouse'
Subject: SV: Michelin studded ice tyres
I´ve got some price for the different transport alternative, so it looks like this:
1/ 4 pcs delivered to Michael. 4*364 + 607 = 2063 USD
2/ 4 pcs delivered to Michael's work. 4*364 + 485 = 1941 USD
3/ 50 pcs delivered to “closest airport”. 50*335 + 1335 = 18085 USD
Prices are ex. VAT.
So, take a look at this and don´t hesitate if you have any questions.
Med vänliga hälsningar, Best regards /
Thomas Carlsson

Hopefully all these options for pre-made tires will make iceracing even easier and cost/time effective.

-Michael Waterhouse
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Re: Tire options for "race stud" classes for 2018 season

Thanks for putting all this together Michael it is very helpful and a great spot to refer people to for tire info.

The Pres
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