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2-5-17 SL4 lead battles

It's amazing when you can run with someone for 3 straight races within a few car lengths almost the entire time. I'm running an N/A 160hp open diff Impreza, he has a 300hp limited slip Impreza Sti with an adjustable center diff.
It's quite interesting to see how very different cars performance wise can be so equal and how different lines can produce the same times. He always seems to be faster at the start and then I chase him down at the end. I just can't seem to get around him. It's great to have some serious competition.

Race 1:
Typical first race. Conservative and feeling out the track. I got behind early in traffic and spent the whole race playing catch-up. Couple of good turn one entries around 6m & 9m.

Race 2:
Lots of stuff happened in this one. Thought we were going to get a second pace lap because we were out of order for the grid and given the double yellow at the last flagger station (hence the race is already started when the video starts). We swapped the lead early, a little past hallway I ran wide and got sucked into the snowbank, right after that I made a very aggressive outside pass inches off the other car, and then I almost got caught in a snow bank again, I had to tell myself to back it down a bit after that to run the leader back down. I passed him on the last lap, but he crossed me over and got a better run on the back straight, he then smartly stayed just enough left that he blocked my line, so I couldn't out brake him and set him up for a drag race to the finish.

Race 3:
Last one of the day. Time to let it all hang out. Oddly, about 1/3 of the way into the race, I was so relaxed that my eyes were about half open and I had to tell myself to sharpen up. We stayed much closer together throughout this race. Used the inside snowbank for grip around 6m, Almost lost in under braking for the last turn 9:30m, accidentally shifted into 1st instead of 3rd 10:50m, 11:20, probably my best lap of the day, and in the final corner I drove in wicked deep and tried a last ditch outside pass (because, why not).

Caleb Pocock #06 SLS BRZ
#366 SL4 2.0RS Impreza
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