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Re: Menard Re-studding?

I'm in NY, but not far from Canada. Funny how today's storm is missing me because it's too far south!

Pirelli apparently offered both 7mm and 8mm stud protrusion versions of both their WR5 and WR6 (measured from rubber to tip). Can we confirm that the ones the club received are the more common 7mm, or might they be the less common 8mm?

DMACK DMG-ICE (asymmetric but non-directional) has 384 metal pins per tire when produced with molded-in studs, which seems comparable to the 60 per foot of Pirelli WR5. DMACK DMG-ICE2 (symmetric but directional) looks nearly identical to Pirelli WR5. DMACK DMG-ICE3 (asymmetric AND directional) looks more optimized towards cornering versus drive. I think most if not all of these were developed for the Swedish rounds of WRC.

EDIT: All of the above DMACK and Pirelli use "Swedish" or "Sweden" type studding (as in Rally Sweden). My working theory is that Swedish or Sweden type studs mean molded-in studs with secure bases exclusively for frozen surfaces (where the studs provide substantially all of the grip). So, to answer my own earlier question, real Menards were Swedish type (or, not knowing which came first, perhaps we might say that Swedish type are really Menards type). Monte is short for Monte Carlo (as in Rally Monte Carlo) and may refer to street-type and/or inserted studs designed for mixed surfaces (where the rubber and studs both provide grip).

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