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Getting started in Ice Racing.

Getting started in Ice Racing

Getting Started with AMEC


Why brave subfreezing temperatures to come out on the ice and race?

It’s because ice racing is the most fun you can have in a car with your clothes on! Ice racing offers all of the car control and racing challenges any racer could ask for! Master racing on ice and you’ll have racing skills which will help in all other forms of competition and weather conditions, as well!

There’s a reason some AMEC ice racers have triumphed in national events like the SCCA Runoffs! Now you know why!

 Not sure about racing on ice? Want to see how your car works first?

Try it here!

 AMEC’s 20/20 Program

$20 buys 20 minutes of driving your street legal car on AMEC’s groomed track during the race day lunch break. 20/20 is where you can feel out the balance of your car in a safe and controlled environment. A Snell 2000 Helmet is required. Winter designated tires are required – all seasons are not permitted. Track day rules apply (No passing in turns. No racing allowed; No contact!)

 AMEC’s Street Legal Racing Program

This is AMEC’s most popular class drawing participants from many states and Canada, too! Street Legal is car-on-car racing for any street legal vehicle.

No trucks or SUV’s are permitted.

Snell 2000 Helmets are required.

There are 4 divisions: 2wd studded or unstudded and 4wd studded or unstudded.

Any brand and size of unstudded winter tire may be used.

Studded divisions REQUIRE the use of Nokian Hakka 7’s or 8’s.

Car contact is prohibited in all SL divisions.

Drivers involved in trading paint will be black flagged and parked.

Repeated contact will result in being banned from AMEC racing.

All Divisions get 3 – 20 minute races plus a morning practice session.

New drivers must stage at the back of the grid for their first race.

Entry fee is $60, AMEC Membership required.

 AMEC’s Ice Tire Racing Program

(Previously known as the Menard Tire Classes)

If going really fast sideways with control is what you seek, one of AMEC’s “Big Stud” ice tire classes are where you want to be! Once you race on a dedicated “ice racing” tire you’ll never want to be on anything else! “Ice” tires provide the kind of car control that makes racing fun, fast, and very addictive! Here you will find “Big Stud” ice tire classes for everything from street legal vehicles driven to the track, to 100+ mph winged, super modified race cars!

All “Ice” tire classes run on either a designated “ice” tire with molded-in studs or a “screw” type tire built to AMEC’s rules.

 Looking for where to start with your ice tires?

The SLM (Street Legal – formerly Menard) class has been a popular “next step up” in speed and control for former street legal racers. The class requires certain safety equipment because speeds everywhere are higher. A 4 point roll bar, fire extinguisher and full driver racing harness are required.

Please see the AMEC Rule Book for full safety and class requirements.

Street Legal cars come alive with the bite and control “Ice” tires provide. It’s a fun class for the fast and furious!

 In addition to SLM, AMEC offers “Big Stud” ice tire racers the following pure race car classes:

Note: Full cages, door bars and race harnesses are required for all of the following classes!

SS – This class is for stock 4 cylinder cars often raced at local ovals.

   MM – These are full bodied race cars with modified engines up to 3.6 liters.

AWD – This class is for modified full bodied AWD race cars.

 SMC -(Super Modified Closed) Class allows extreme car body mods,

turbo’s and engines up to 360 CI displacement.

SMO – (Super Modified Open) Class is for purpose built winged race cars. Engines are unlimited and unrestricted! This is AMEC’s fastest class!

Open Class – Allows crews helping in the above classes, to run for fun. No points.

All “Big Stud” ice tire classes must run either the designated “Ice” tire or a screw tire built to AMEC rules.

All classes get 3 races per event plus a morning warm up.

Entry fee is $60. AMEC membership required.

Please see AMEC’s Rule Book for all build and safety requirements



A little about AMEC..


Did you know AMEC is one of the oldest amateur automobile racing clubs in the United States? For over half a century AMEC has brought motor racing enthusiasts together on the frozen lakes of upstate NY for hot competition in the cold of winter. AMEC has been featured on Discovery’s Megaspeed in Canada and Mobil 1’s The Grid here in the US. Noted pro drifters, sprint car drivers and pro SCCA drivers have raced with AMEC for all season fun and to stay on form in their “off” season.


Those willing to brave the winter chill have been rewarded with experiencing the most fun to be found in all of motorsport! Additionally, AMEC has remained true to its enthusiasts racing roots. AMEC ice racing is one of the last places where an enthusiast driver can drive to the track, compete in a day of car-to-car racing, and drive home after getting a podium finish!


Come get sideways with us!

Let us help you get on track for the most fun you’ve ever had behind the wheel.

For Street Legal INFO Contact: Mike Waterhouse email to: waterhmp at or phone 518-810-8831


For “Ice Tire” Classes Contact Dave Burnham email to: racing48 at Phone 518-875-6956

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